Canadian Christian Writers and Editors

Today, Dec. 15 2009, has been set as a day of prayer for The Word Guild (TWG). TWG exists to connect, strengthen, encourage and promote Canadian Christians who write and/or edit, whether they work in the Christian or mainstream media.

If you’re a Canadian Christian writer or editor, or if you consider yourself a “friend” of Canadian Christians in these fields, or if you’re a reader of material they produce… this is your invitation to invest a few moments in prayer for TWG.

You may not have known it, but I’m TWG’s prayer team coordinator and this is a project dear to my heart. This day of prayer isn’t a time of desperate pleading for help, it’s a time of praise and of desiring to place The Word Guild under God’s direction and empowerment. There are so many opportunities, but with finite resources of people and money we need clear leading on where to place our focus. God is doing something through TWG and we want to keep working right alongside Him.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Christian Writers and Editors

    1. Janet Sketchley Post author

      June, congratulations on completing your manuscript! I pray the editing process will go well, and for the finding of the right editor. Don’t rush into this stage. You’ll need someone who understands your vision for your project, who’s compatible with you, and who gives the kind of editing your project needs. Different types of editors focus on different aspects of the process. In the traditional publishing process there can be multiple editors, each addressing one layer of the process to produce the final, polished work. Here’s a link to one editor’s explanation of the different types of editing: (I don’t think Marcy Kennedy is editing these days, but this is a good overview).


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