Secrets and Lies

Intimidation. Threats. A reluctant stalker.

A single mother with a teenage son becomes a pawn in a drug lord's vengeance against her convict brother.


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Intimidation. Threats. A reluctant stalker.

A single mother with a teenage son becomes a pawn in a drug lord’s vengeance against her convict brother.

Carol Daniels thinks she out-ran her enemies, until a detective arrives at her door with a warning. Minor incidents take on a sinister meaning. An anonymous phone call warns her not to hide again.

Now she must cooperate with a drug lord while the police work to trap him. Carol has always handled crisis alone, but this one might break her. Late-night deejay Joey Hill offers friendship and moral support. Can she trust him? One thing’s certain. She can’t risk prayer.

If you like Christian romantic suspense and classic oldies, and you’re not intimidated by territorial Siamese cats, grab your copy of Secrets and Lies today.

Hear an excerpt in this 10-minute interview from HopeStreamRadio.

Meet the characters:

  • Carol Daniels, heroine in hiding.
  • Paul Daniels, her 16-year-old son, with secrets of his own.
  • Joey Hill, late-night deejay, new Christian, with “stuff” in his past.
  • Patrick Stairs, investment consultant and drug courier, the reluctant villain.

And read the prologue (not in the novel): Secrets and Lies prologue.

Behind the scenes:

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Secrets and Lies (Redemption's Edge #2)




"Engaging characters and a sweet romance in the midst of a single mom’s worst nightmare.”
I recommend it to anyone who likes a well plotted suspense novel with well-developed characters. ★★★★★
Believable, complex characters and a keen eye for telling details. ★★★★★
"One of those unputdownable books... If you like romantic suspense with a punch, you'll enjoy Secrets and Lies." ★★★★★
"Top notch fiction, with sympathetic characters, a realistic plot, a redemptive theme, and great writing." ★★★★★
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Series: Redemption's Edge, Book 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tags: Christian fiction, Clean reads, Mystery/suspense, Novels, Romantic suspense
Publication Year: 2014
Format: ebook and print
Length: 320 pages
ASIN: 0993874320
ISBN: 9780993874321