Green Dory Inn Mystery Series

Meet Landon, a young Christian woman with a traumatic past. And Anna, recently widowed, who owns the inn.

Meet Roy, their wisecracking elderly neighbour, and his adult grandson Bobby, who writes space novels.

And meet the cats, fastidious Timkin and the battle-scarred marmalade stray.

Come for the clean, faith-based mysteries.
Stay for the characters.

Unknown Enemy (novella length) Who is the secretive prowler harassing innkeeper Anna?

Hidden Secrets (novel length) What secrets has the inn’s original owner left behind, and how far will Anna’s enemy go to find them?

Bitter Truth (novel length) Attempted murder. A hostile rescuer. And an amateur sleuth’s vow to catch the attacker before he strikes again.

Deadly Burden (novel length) Obey the police and stay safe, or follow her heart and help unmask a killer?

Book 5 (novel length) …another winter story, still in the works…

Book 1: Unknown Enemy 

Unknown Enemy, by Janet Sketchley | A Green Dory Inn Mystery, Book 1

Landon Smith vowed never to return to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Despite her faith, the memories might undo her. But a shadowy figure has been skulking around the Green Dory Inn—seen only by her friend Anna. With the police unable to find solid clues, and the incidents escalating, Landon must help Anna discover the truth about the prowler and stop him. Before he turns violent.

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Book 2: Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets, by Janet Sketchley | A Green Dory Inn Mystery, Book 2

When an online vendetta against the Green Dory Inn escalates to physical threats, a cryptic message about a tunnel points to the property’s original owner, a notorious Prohibition-era sea captain rumoured to have left hidden wealth. With the inn’s owner, Anna, on the brink of emotional collapse—and danger rising like the tide—time is running out.

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Book 3: Bitter Truth

Bitter Truth, by Janet Sketchley | A Green Dory Inn Mystery, Book 3

When her friend is nearly killed in a daring daylight attack, Landon can’t sit this out. Not when she knows the anger of being a victim. Her faith tells her to leave room for God’s vengeance. Her heart says to retaliate. The fight to expose Ciara’s enemy will uncover secrets and betrayal that could cost Landon her life.

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Book 4: Deadly Burden

Cover: Deadly Burden: A Green Dory Inn Mystery, Book 4, by Janet Sketchley

When a shocking death strikes her close-knit circle, can Landon discover who wanted the town busybody dead? Was the dead woman silenced to protect a secret? Or because of one she wouldn’t tell? And how can a dyslexic trauma survivor find clues the professionals miss? With a storm closing in and no leads in sight, Landon’s first Christmas at the Green Dory Inn is shaping up to be anything but merry and bright.

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