Redemption’s Edge Series

Redemption’s Edge is a series of Christian novels in the suspense and romantic suspense genres. Each novel traces the redemption of a different member of the Silver family, and so there’s a loose connection, but because each has its own set of characters, they can be read as stand-alones.

I encourage readers to start at the beginning, because there is a chronological progression. That said, if book one looks too scary for you, skip it and start with book two. Or if a particular plot interests you, start there. Just know that starting later will let you know how the earlier stories turned out 🙂

I said three novels, but there are four covers below. What’s up? Prelude to Danger is a bonus book, kind of like the extra features on a DVD. It has prologues, character features, and a recipe, for each novel. The prologues aren’t in the novels, so this is the only way to get them. Because it’s much shorter, it’s available in some locations as a free ebook.

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Prelude to Danger: Redemption's Edge Series Extras | #Christianfiction #Bonusfeatures #suspense

Bonus features for the Redemption’s Edge series: prologues (not in the novels), character features, and more.

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cover art: Heaven's Prey by Janet SketchleyA grieving woman is abducted by a champion racing driver turned serial killer—and it may be the answer to her prayers for his salvation. Can Ruth trust God to work good, even if it costs her life?

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Secrets and Lies, by Janet Sketchley #Christianfiction #romanticsuspense

A single mother with a teenage son becomes a pawn in a drug lord’s vengeance against her convict brother.

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What if the plane crash that killed Amy’s fiancé was sabotage? Asking questions could cost her life — and ruin her second chance at love.

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