Contemporary Fiction

Note: if you’re looking for a book title that starts with “a,” “an,” or “the,” search by the next word in the title.

Always By My Side, by Iola Goulton (contemporary romance)

Always With You, by Elaine Stock (contemporary fiction, cults)

As the Light Fades, by Catherine West (contemporary, women’s fiction)

Bad Ground, by W. Dale Cramer (contemporary fiction: hard rock mining, coming of age)

Berry on Top, by Valerie Comer (romance, Farm Fresh Romance #6)

The Camera Never Lies, by David Rawlings (contemporary fiction, truth, relationships)

The Christmas Dog, by Melody Carlson (Christmas novella)

Come Find Me, by Ruth Waring (contemporary fiction)

The Divine Proverb of Streusel, by Sara Brunsvold (contemporary fiction)

Dog Only Knows, by Barrie MacFarlane (pet fiction)

Echoes, by Kristen Heitzmann (contemporary, Michelli Family Book 3)

The Emerald Tide, by Davis Bunn (Miramar Bay book 6, contemporary, romance, light intrigue)

The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip, by Sara Brunsvold (contemporary fiction)

A Girl’s Guide to the Outback, by Jessica Kate (contemporary, romance, humour)

The God Cookie, by Geoffrey Wood (contemporary fiction, humour)

Grace in Deep Waters, by Christine Dillon (Grace, book 3; contemporary fiction)

Grace in Strange Disguise, by Christine Dillon (Grace, book 1; contemporary fiction)

Grace in the Shadows, by Christine Dillon (Grace, book 2; contemporary fiction)

Harriet Beamer Takes the Bus, by Joyce Magnin (contemporary fiction)

Imogen’s Chance, by Paula Vince (contemporary fiction)

Ithaca, by Susan Fish (literary fiction, general market)

Just Between You and Me, by Jenny B. Jones (women’s fiction)

Lost Melody, by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith (women’s fiction)

Lilly’s Promise, by Terrie Todd (women’s fiction; contemporary and historical)

Lizzy and Jane, by Katherine Reay (women’s fiction)

Love and Other Mistakes, by Jessica Kate (contemporary romance)

The Merciful Scar, by Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue (women’s fiction)

Miramar Bay, by Davis Bunn (contemporary, romance)

A New York Yankee on Stinking Creek, by Carol McClain (friendship, relationships, North/South)

On A Summer Tide, by Suzanne Woods Fisher (contemporary, romance, Maine, Three Sisters Island #1)

On Love’s Gentle Shore, by Liz Johnson (romance, Prince Edward Island Dreams #3)

One Smooth Stone, by Marcia Lee Laycock (contemporary fiction)

The Other Child, by Pirkko Rytkonen (contemporary fiction)

Princess Ever After, by Rachel Hauck (romance)

The Printed Letter Bookshop, by Katherine Reay (contemporary fiction)

The Prodigal, by Brennan Manning and Greg Garrett (contemporary fiction)

Puzzle House, by Lillian Duncan (contemporary fiction, faith, healing)

Raspberries and Vinegar, by Valerie Comer (farm lit, romance, Farm Fresh Romance #1)

The Red Door Inn, by Liz Johnson (romance, bed and breakfast, Prince Edward Island Dreams #1)

The Red Journal, by Deb Elkink (literary fiction)

Renaissance, by Susan Fish (literary fiction, women’s fiction)

Rooms, by James L. Rubart

Save the Date, by Jenny B. Jones (women’s fiction, romance with comedy)

Secretly Yours, by Valerie Comer (romance novella, Valentine’s Day)

Secrets, by Kristen Heitzmann (romance)

Secrets of Sunbeams, by Valerie Comer (romance, Urban Farm Fresh Romance #1)

Set the Stars Alight, by Amanda Dykes (contemporary and historical)

The Shack, by William Paul Young (contemporary fiction)

She’s in a Better Place, by Angela Hunt (women’s fiction: funeral homes)

The Silver Suitcase, by Terrie Todd (contemporary with some historical)

Snowflake Tiara, by Angela Breidenbach and Valerie Comer (historical and contemporary romantic novellas)

Soul’s Gate, by James L. Rubart (spiritual warfare, Well Spring book 1)

Stuck in the Middle, by Virginia Smith (women’s fiction, romance)

Sweetened with Honey, by Valerie Comer (farm lit, romance, Farm Fresh Romance #3)

Swinging on a Star, by Janice Thompson (romantic comedy)

Talking to the Dead, by Bonnie Grove (contemporary fiction, women’s fiction)

The Taste of Many Mountains, by Bruce Wydick (educational fiction)

Then, There’s Love, by Rena Manse (romance)

Thicker than Blood, by C.J. Darlington (contemporary)

The Things We Knew, by Catherine West (contemporary, romance, family drama)

The Third Grace, by Deb Elkink (contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, literary fiction)

Tooth for Tooth, by Kimberley J. Payne (contemporary fiction: child abuse, single parenting)

Tranquility Falls, by Davis Bunn (contemporary fiction, Miramar Bay series)

A Tumbled Stone, by Marcia Lee Laycock (contemporary fiction)

Unforgotten, by Kristen Heitzmann (contemporary, Michelli Family #2)

Unscripted, by Davis Bunn (film industry, second chances, romance)

When Mountains Sing, by Stacy Monson (My Father’s House #1, Mosaic Collection)

Whose Waves These Are, by Amanda Dykes (contemporary/historical, Maine)

Wild Mint Tea, by Valerie Comer (farm lit, romance, Farm Fresh Romance #2)

Wonders Never Cease, by Tim Downs (contemporary fiction, humour)

Yesterday’s Tomorrow, by Catherine West (contemporary fiction: Vietnam War)