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Friday Findings 4

The “Practicing True Worship” webinar with Canadian singer/songwriter/writer Carolyn Arends is now available online on the Kyria blog. Some of the content applies more to worship leaders, but most of it is useful for any of us who want to make worship a more authentic part of our lives. I need to listen to it again, because I know I missed some things.

FlyLady’s website has lots of tips and information, including a detailed cleaning plan for each “zone” of your house. I’m not ready for that yet but I’ve found the daily action plans really helpful in reclaiming my home from the clutter. It’s a bit of a pain to sign up for the emails, but only because it’s one more username/password etc. to create and remember. It’s not hard, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to do it. Still, progress is being made! [My tip: choose “digest” mode or you’ll get a bunch of individual emails.]

You don’t have to be a country music fan to like The Keats’ catchy “Give Me a Ring“. They’re a vibrant, Nova Scotia-based band on the rise. If you like what you hear, these links will take you to The Keats’ Facebook page or The Keats’ MySpace page.

How do we deal with suffering?

The other week on the Canadian Authors Who are Christian blog, Canadian singer/songwriter and writer Carolyn Arends wrote:

I recently asked friends online what words and actions had been the least helpful in trying times, and I got a passionate and prolific response. I recognized many of the platitudes listed as things that had come out of my mouth.

If you read her full post, “Allow for Space in the Music: Acknowledging the mystery of pain,” I think you’ll be encouraged and better equipped to offer comfort. If nobody around you is hurting today, someone may be tomorrow. And if you’re hurting today, this may be something you can share with your friends to help them know how to not make it worse.

God With Us–All the Time

If the psalmist is right—that there truly is nowhere we can go to flee God’s presence—why do we act like his attendance is intermittent? And why do we assume it’s dependent on us?

This is the question Canadian singer/songwriter/writer Carolyn Arends asks in her latest column, “Come Lord Jesus,” in Christianity Today. Click either of the preceding links to read the full column and to see how baseball can teach a spiritual lesson.

Thank you to Ginny Jaques at Something About the Joy for pointing me to this article. Carolyn’s writing is always worth reading.