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Both of my novels are available in print and ebook formats. (Buy links are on the book pages: Heaven’s Prey and Secrets and Lies)

Secrets and Lies

Guest posts and interviews (newest first):

  • Reader question for Tony from Heaven’s Prey: have you been able to forgive your wife’s abductor? link: After Heaven’s Prey
  • Steph Beth Nickel interviews me at Steph Nickel’s Eclectic Interests… we talk about writing, reading and sheep.
  • Paula Vince interviews Paul, Carol’s teen son from Secrets and Lies. I love character interviews! Visit The Vince Review.
  • Renee Blare interviews me at the Coffee Corner. What’s next in the series? And how has writing it changed me?
  • Anita Mae Draper interviews me at Fiction Finder: Why did I choose Calgary and Toronto for settings? Do my musical tastes match Carol’s?
  • Jeff Reynolds interviews me at Sleuths and Suspects about my thoughts on indie and Christian publishing.
  • “A Gift that Needs to be Used” – guest post at Seriously Write.
  • “When Prayer Feels Risky” – guest post at K. Dawn Byrd’s site.
  • “Control and Trust” – guest post at Inner Source.
  • Fay Lamb interviews me at Inner Source.
  • Interview with the heroine, Carol Daniels, at Inner Source.
  • “Can Christian Fiction Make a Difference?” at God is Love.

Early reviews of Secrets and Lies:

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cover art: Heaven's Prey by Janet Sketchley

Reviews of Heaven’s Prey:

“Though the subject matter is edgy, I appreciated Sketchley’s avoidance of gratuitous and disturbing description. What comes through in this bite-your-nails tale is the possibility of redemption. God, the tireless pursuer intent on capturing even the worst of sinners, is the real hero of this story. Discussion questions at the end of the book help readers debrief and make sense of what they’ve just lived through.” (click to read the full review from Violet Nesdoly, author of Destiny’s Hands)

“Strong action with all the right beats to make this story a movie in the mind of the reader … A story of faith in the face of darkness, of trust in a God we don’t always understand.” (click to read the full review by Janice Dick, author of Other Side of the River)

“I have never read a more profound message of forgiveness and God’s unconditional love … Heaven’s Prey is an outstanding read for the bravest of hearts.” (click to read Sara Goff’s full review on

“Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.” (click to read Bonnie Way’s full review at The Koala Bear Writer)


Clash of the Titles Champion

Five novels, one winner, as chosen by readers. I’m excited to announce that Heaven’s Prey is December 2013’s champion at Clash of the Titles (for November releases).