Secrets and Lies Interview

Secrets and LiesRon Hughes from HopeStreamRadio interviewed me last month, and while it’s not archived on their site, I’ve posted it to mine. We talked about a few aspects of writing and about my novels, and I read an excerpt from Secrets and Lies. The interview is about ten minutes long, if you’d like to have a listen (just click the “play” triangle in the media player below).  And do check out HopeStreamRadio. They currently provide about two hours of content per day, which repeats throughout the day. There’s teaching, music, and a variety of interesting content (including author interviews!)

[Media player didn’t show up for you? Click here to listen to the interview.]

4 thoughts on “Secrets and Lies Interview

    1. Janet Sketchley Post author

      Thanks, Bobbi. Have you done an interview yet with HopeStreamRadio? Ron Hughes is an excellent host, and made me feel so comfortable.

      I’m glad you enjoyed both books. Yes, there is a #3 in the works. No Safe Place should release in November. Apparently whatever book I’m currently writing is my favourite, because I’ve loved them all.


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