Review: Because We Prayed, by Mary Haskett

Because We Prayed, by Mary Haskett

Because We Prayed: Ten Considerations for Effective Prayer, by Mary Haskett (Word Alive Press, 2009)

Our troubles don’t end when we become Christians. They may even get worse. But belonging to Jesus means we’re not alone. We can pray to a living and powerful God who loves us.

In Because We Prayed, Mary Haskett looks at ten considerations for effective prayer: faith, forgiveness, not judging, the Holy Spirit, the Enemy, spiritual warfare, hope, evidence, the value of prayer, and victory in Jesus. In her own gentle style she shares key truths learned through Scripture and personal experience.

Because We Prayed is a small book, easy to read yet offering solid teaching. I took a chapter at a time so I could digest it before moving on. Each chapter finishes with three application questions for personal reflection or group discussion, and with a prayer.

This isn’t a theology text, but it’s theologically sound. It’s meant for the average reader. New Christians, seasoned pastors, and everyone in between in a variety of denominations can benefit from these brief readings. Prayer is a work to which all Christians are called. It can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s our duty—and our privilege. If it’s boring, we’re doing it wrong. And prayer works.

Let Mary Haskett challenge and encourage you to deepen your prayer relationship with God. You won’t be sorry.

Mary is the author of two non-fiction books: Reverend Mother’s Daughter and Because We Prayed. Reverend Mother’s Daughter received the Bronze IPPY Award in the 2008 International Literary Competition and was a finalist in the Life Stories category, The Word Guild of Canada National Award, 2008. You can find her online at her website and her blog. It’s been my pleasure to work and pray with Mary in The Word Guild prayer team, and I truly appreciate her gracious spirit and her sincere faith.

5 thoughts on “Review: Because We Prayed, by Mary Haskett

  1. Diane Stephenson

    A great review of a great book. I love to read Mary’s work. Prayer is such an important part of the Christian life and many people don’t understand its simplicity. Mary explains in a way anyone can understand what prayer is and shows us that God does answer prayer.

  2. Colleen Heath

    Hi Joanna,

    This book sounds like a wonderful tool for the believers in our group to learn more of how to share our faith with the community women who attend.
    Then it would be added to the library.
    So please enter me in the draw.

    1. joannamallory

      Hi Colleen,

      Just to clarify, Because We Prayed isn’t being drawn for yet although it will be sometime in 2010. From your note, I think you meant to leave your comment on the draw page for Journey to the Heart of Evangelism, and so I’ll include your name in that draw unless you tell me differently.

      Blessings today!


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