Review: Reluctant Burglar, by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Reluctant Burglar, by Jill Elizabeth Nelson (Multnomah Publishers, 2006)

Desiree Jacobs inherits more than just the family business when her father is killed. She’s horrified to find a cache of stolen paintings.

Should she turn them over to the authorities and ruin her father’s reputation – and the family business? Give them to the menacing “Chief,” who ordered her father’s death? Or carry out her father’s plan to secretly return the paintings to their owners?

Dare she trust attractive FBI agent Tony Lucano? Dare she trust her friends, for that matter? But she trusts God….

Desiree is a wonderful character: spunky, determined, real enough to have self-doubts and struggle to apply her faith… and she’s got a quirky humour that I love.

Reluctant Burglar is fast-paced and fun, with some daring antics that had me holding my breath. Full marks to Jill Elizabeth Nelson for delivering a great read.

Click here to read an excerpt from Reluctant Burglar. Odds are, you won’t want to stop there! Right now it’s available for an incredible price at Of course the next two books in the “To Catch a Thief” series, Reluctant Runaway and Reluctant Smuggler, are full price, but you may want to order them at the same time. If you prefer eBooks, Reluctant Burglar is now available at

Jill Elizabeth Nelson’s most recent novels are Calculated Revenge and Witness to Murder, from Love Inspired. You can learn more about the author and her books at the Jill Elizabeth Nelson website.  Jill is currently offering a contest to win an autographed copy of Calculated Revenge. I like her contests because they’re more than just “enter your name here”—they’re fun, and those of us who aren’t likely to get the answers all correct won’t be disqualified. All we have to do is try.

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