Review: The Nun and the Narc, by Catherine Castle

The Nun and the Narc, by Catherine CastleThe Nun and the Narc, by Catherine Castle (Soul Mate Publishing, 2013)

Sister Margaret Mary O’Connor is on a mission trip to Mexico to build houses, and to decide if she’s ready to take her vows when she returns to the US. She still hears her Mother Superior’s parting words: “Stubbornness, curiosity and bluntness don’t become a nun.” (p. 12)

She’s a sincere young woman, and she loves the Lord. But she has to help others, even if that means meddling in their business. Mexico is no exception, and when she tries to keep a teen boy out of trouble, she gets captured by drug dealers—along with a man named Jed, who won’t tell her whose side he’s on.

Jed Barringer is an undercover officer whose carefully-set-up contact with the drug cartel is ruined by Margaret’s interference. Now he has to try to find a way to not only escape, but protect a civilian.

With the danger and the close quarters, Margaret’s and Jed’s mutual attraction feels a lot like love. Except she’s promised herself to God, and while Jed may not talk much to God, he doesn’t want to steal her from Him.

Before they can think about love, they have to escape. The Nun and the Narc is a fast read that kept me starting “just one more” chapter when I should have been stopping for the night. I enjoyed the action, and I also enjoyed the details of the setting, especially the Mexican market before Jed and Margaret’s abduction.

Catherine Castle is the pen name of romance author, poet, and freelance writer Catherine Hershberger. Catherine blogs at her website, Catherine Castle ~ Romance for the Ages. She’s agreed to stop by my site for an interview later this month, so stay tuned. In the mean time, to read an excerpt from The Nun and the Narc, visit Catherine’s Amazon Author Central page.

[Review copy from my personal library.]

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