Broken Chains

What do you wear for an author photo shoot? Mine would be outdoors among the trees, so I avoided browns and greens. After all, you’re supposed to be able to see me in the picture.

My favourite dress is blue with black. It’s fancier than my typical outdoor wear, but it makes me feel confident, like I look good. I ignored the faint whisper of “what if someone thinks it’s silly?” and chose the dress. And the Birkenstocks. Can’t smile if my feet hurt.

Since the picture would go on the back of Heaven’s Prey, a Christian novel, I wanted to wear a cross. My favourite is the one my husband gave me for our wedding. It’s almost 30 years old, and the chain’s getting a bit dark. I decided to polish it.

Perhaps too enthusiastically.

broken chain

“Look what you did!”

Yes, that’s what flashed across my mind, fast and instinctive, but here’s the gift: a tone I’ve never used on myself before. This time it was sympathetic, with an undertone of “we’ll find a way to fix it.”

Not even a trace of accusation or blame. No fear.

Even though I’d broken something special, even though it wouldn’t be in the photo now.

I wore another cross for the picture, but this one’s chain will be mended in time for the book launch.

And I have another bit of testimony: look what God has done!

What have you seen Him do in your life lately?

6 thoughts on “Broken Chains

  1. Mary Waind

    What we have to learn about His loving grace! When we begin to get an inkling of His graciousness to us, we can begin to extend it to ourselves and others. Thank you, Father, for being so patient with this slow learner 🙂


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