7 Links for Writers

Novel Rocket looks at The 5 Stages of Rejection Grief.

Brian Feinblum’s guest post at Live, Write, Thrive offers 16 Tips on How to Succeed as a Writer.

At A Word of Encouragement, Laura Hodges Poole shares two key tips and a video: How to Develop Effective Writing Habits.

At Live, Write, Thrive, C.S. Lakin shares the three most important things to know about your main characters.

Jerry Jenkins shares his secrets on How to Overcome Writer’s Block.

Jeff Goins offers The Writing Class You Never Had.

And to keep us focused, check out agent Chip MacGregor’s thought-provoking post on the difference between success and significance.

6 thoughts on “7 Links for Writers

  1. Mary Waind

    Perfect timing for these links, Janet! September is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. The advice these folks shared is encouraging and motivating as we dig back into the projects we have on the go. Thank you!

  2. Terry Pitts

    Hi Janet,
    Thank you for including my post in your “7 Links”. I love the other posts … we all have so much to learn and meditate on … but what a wonderful journey!


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