Review: A Dangerous Legacy, by Elizabeth Camden

A Dangerous Legacy, by Elizabeth Camden

A Dangerous Legacy, by Elizabeth Camden (Bethany House, 2017)

New York City, 1903: Can a plumber and a telegraph operator win a decades-long battle of lawsuits and intimidation? When the opponent is their rich and unscrupulous uncle?

Siblings Lucy and Nick have each other’s backs. They have to. There’s nobody else—their uncle has seen to that. When Lucy uncovers a murderous plot, the stakes rise even higher.

Amid the war of wills and mounting intrigue, Lucy finds another ally in a British news rival, Sir Colin Beckwith. But Colin has his own struggles, with PTSD and the need to wed an heiress if he’s to save the family estate.

The insights into turn-of-the-century reporting and news dissemination are interesting, and the many news tidbits bring the times to life. The American/British contrast adds another dimension, and Colin introduces Lucy to his homing pigeons, letting us learn about them too.

A Dangerous Legacy is book 1 in the Empire State series, and I’m interested to read on. For more about Elizabeth Camden and her books, visit

[Review copy from my personal library.]

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