Belief and Unbelief

I’ve posted recently about believing the truth of God’s Word rather than our feelings or our circumstances: Believing the Truth and Handle with Care. This is one of those slow-learning areas for me, where I keep needing the message reinforced.

God has been doing that very nicely through a couple of Violet Nesdoly‘s Other Food: daily devos posts, and I want to share the basic nuggets here and encourage you to read her full entries if you haven’t already.

In Doubt, skepticism (a.k.a. unbelief), Violet looks at the sin of unbelief–and its consequences. Then she challenges:

I ask myself, do I as a believer in Jesus live a life characterized by belief or unbelief? What about you?

Her Clay Backtalk post includes this insight:

Being content with our lot in life, including our physical appearance and the strengths and weaknesses with which we were born, is part and parcel of our confidence/belief in God.

It’s so easy to forget to believe, as silly as that sounds. To forget to act on what we believe. To begin to complain or criticize our Maker. I’m thankful for these reminders to live like what we believe is true–because if we’re believing God, it is!

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