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In the Experiencing God Workbook, by Henry Blackaby and Claude V. King, Unit 9 gives a short checklist. It’s specifically designed for those times when God seems to be moving very slowly in one’s life, but I think the questions are good for any of us to ponder from time to time:

  • Am I responding to all God already is leading me to do?
  • Have I obeyed all I already know to be His will?
  • Do I really believe that He loves me and will always do what is best and right?
  • Am I willing to patiently wait on His timing, and obey everything I know to do in the meantime?

(Experiencing God Workbook, Henry Blackaby and Claude V. King, Lifeway Press, 2001, p.157)

This is my second time through this study and one of the ladies in our group is working through it for the third time. We’re all gaining a lot, and I wish I’d bought one of the new workbooks instead of reusing my old one. They’re easier to read and Unit 12 has been completely redone.

If you’re a person who uses published Bible studies, in a group or alone with God, has there been one that you’ve gone back to? Was it as valuable the second time?

The Experiencing God Workbook is definitely one for me, and my other is Cynthia Heald’s Becoming a Woman of Excellence. (Not in a performance-driven sense, in a godly sense. Wonderful book, great quotes and great application of Scripture. I wonder what I’d learn a third time through….)

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