Blessings for 2011

Because Jesus came to be God with us and to let us live in Him, we can go into this new year knowing we’re not alone.

May we know Him in the good and in the bad, and may we trust and rely on His love for us.

A happy and blessed 2011… in the words of Dickens’ Tiny Tim, “God bless us, every one!”

And to those of you who read this blog regularly, thank you! Anything that has blessed you has come from God, and anything else has come from me. I know I’ve been blessed in the writing and also in the comments that readers have left.

6 thoughts on “Blessings for 2011

  1. Sheila Davidson

    Thank you for your posts, oh Faithful Scribe. 🙂 They have not fallen to the ground, but have nourished souls and lifted eyes (i.e. mine)!!
    A Blessed 2011 to you. Adventures await!! 🙂
    XO – Sheila

  2. janetsketchley

    Sheila and Stephanie, thank you and back atcha again! I love how we can encourage one another and share our thoughts even though we don’t live near one another. It widens the pool of encouragement.

    Many blessings for 2011, and I love Sheila’s idea that “adventures await”!


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