Called to Write?


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Some of us know we’re called to write. That gives strength to hang on in the tough times.

I’ve never been sure. It’s just something I do. God has prompted me with a devotional thought to share here each week, so I’m pretty sure that’s part of my current assignment.

But fiction? All I know is it’s fun to write, and something in me comes more alive when I’m discovering a story. If that’s the whole point of it, I’ll embrace the gift and enjoy it. If He wants to bless someone through it, that’s great too and I’m relying on Him to connect the words with the person because it ain’t happenin’ through my own efforts.

Mary DeMuth is a writer who’s encouraged many other writers. Here’s a post she wrote in 2010 that I only just found. If you’re wondering about writing and calling, please click over and read Called to Write? Ten Ways to Know. Note she distinguishes between “called to write” and “called to write, be published and widely read”.

And you know what? “Not called” doesn’t mean “don’t write.” It just means writing is optional. If you’re called, better obey.

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4 thoughts on “Called to Write?

  1. Belinda

    Thank you for the links to interesting articles Janet. And thank you for praying me and, I am sure many others, through their crises of writerly insecurity! 🙂

    1. Janet Sketchley

      Belinda, do you think these bouts of insecurity are simply part of the writing life? They seem to recur, and somehow knowing that makes them less threatening. You know, “this too shall pass”. And God is so good to give us a spark of reassurance when we most need it.


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