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Tourists at Home

When we go away, I like to explore, to check out some of the cool things to see (and to eat). There are plenty of options at home, too, but I don’t pay as much attention. Maybe it’s because I can always do it another day. When you’re visiting somewhere, you’re on limited time.

I’m happy to have a son young enough to still like day trips with Mom, so each week of summer we plan an adventure. I hope it stops raining, or this week’s might be kind of soggy.

We’ve picked strawberries, visited a couple of favourite parks… I want to find something new to do near home and I may have found it. I hear there’s an Italian market that sells gelato….

What do you like to do near home for a mini-vacation?

The Great Thaw

“It became known as the summer of the Great Thaw. Not to be confused with the Silent Warming, when the old chest freezer simply gave up.”

If you’d like to read the rest of my wonky spin on defrosting the freezer, check out my post at InScribe Writers Online.

Not Much of a Gardener

potted plantsThe green thumb gene skipped me, but I’ve had some success with African violets (mostly through ignoring them). This week parent and baby needed repotting, and my newly-purchased teeny one migrated into a community coffee-cup pot. Look for the little green smudge  (leaf) sticking over the edge on the front right, beneath the tall plant. I wonder what colour the new one will bloom? And how many years I’ll wait to see.

Meet Clarence

Clarence the snowmanThis is Clarence, so named because he reminds me of the angel in the James Stewart movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. Something about the eyes, maybe.

I know people don’t turn into angels when they die, and then have to earn their wings. Angels and humans are separate created beings. Setting that aspect of the movie’s theology aside, I consider it a Christmas Eve classic despite it being the saddest movie I watch. If I’m feeling at all emotionally fragile, I let my husband watch it alone. Brave of me, hey?

But I like this snowman. And the movie-Clarence, while not in the Biblical class of angel, is a real sweetie. Maybe we bumbling humans could learn from his patient listening skills.

Christmas Friends

Yukon Cornelius and the Abominable Snowman“Bumbles bounce!”

My husband and I have some favourite Christmas specials on dvd. Here are some friends from one we watch every year: Yukon Cornelius and the Abominable Snowman (alias “the Bumble”). If you don’t recognize them, they’re from the 1964 animated feature, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You can see the trailer on YouTube.

One of my favourite specials is Claymation Christmas. Check out how they do We Three Kings. Love those camels!

We’ll also watch a few versions of Dickens’ Christmas Carol. My two favourites are the Patrick Stewart version and the Muppets‘ version.

What’s your favourite Christmas special? Or version of it, if there are more than one?

Holiday in New York City

Can an introvert with a large personal space zone enjoy visiting Times Square? Check out my post at InScribe Writers Online, “How I Spent My Summer Vacation“.