Tourists at Home

When we go away, I like to explore, to check out some of the cool things to see (and to eat). There are plenty of options at home, too, but I don’t pay as much attention. Maybe it’s because I can always do it another day. When you’re visiting somewhere, you’re on limited time.

I’m happy to have a son young enough to still like day trips with Mom, so each week of summer we plan an adventure. I hope it stops raining, or this week’s might be kind of soggy.

We’ve picked strawberries, visited a couple of favourite parks… I want to find something new to do near home and I may have found it. I hear there’s an Italian market that sells gelato….

What do you like to do near home for a mini-vacation?

2 thoughts on “Tourists at Home

  1. Sheila Davidson

    Anne and Mom are here – came for my show opening last night. 🙂 So, we will hit the high points – brand new Costco, Indigo, Bulk Barn, movie theatre, old City market … Ha! Ha!
    On my own I love to walk uptown (4 blocks from my house) and cruise galleries, bookstores, the library, the Market.
    Happy Summer, Janet.
    – Sheila 🙂

    1. janetsketchley

      Sheila, I’d love to get to the City market some day. Sounds fun. Sadly, I haven’t yet been to our own City market. Hmmm. Maybe I should add this to our summer activity list! I don’t do early Saturday mornings, though, and that’s prime market time here.

      It’s great you have such refreshing places to walk so near home! I hope the show goes really well.


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