Review: Cecile’s Christmas Miracle, by Ruth L. Snyder

Cecile's Christmas Miracle, by Ruth L. SnyderCecile’s Christmas Miracle, by Ruth Snyder (Helping Hands Press, 2013)

Christmas homesickness hits a young missionary nurse serving her first year in Botswana. Cecile gave up the man she loved to follow God’s call – but why is her heart still yearning for home?

This short story has potential for a full-length novel. Stopping where it does, with the miracle Cecile receives (I’m not telling what it is!) leaves plenty of scope for the imagination. Working in the limits of the shorter form, the author also doesn’t have room to fully deepen her characters.

Cecile’s Christmas Miracle is a feel-good Christmas story, and each aspect of the miracle is clearly from God. Whether or not you appreciate Divine intervention in your fiction, this one’s worth reading for the glimpse into rural mission life at Cecile’s clinic – and for an idea of the dangers facing villagers at the hands of profit-hungry businessmen and politicians from the nearby cities.

Ruth L. Snyder is a Canadian writer serving as President of InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship. Cecile’s Christmas Miracle is one of the novellas in Kathi Macais’ 12 Days of Christmas collection. For a little background information on Cecile’s Christmas Miracle, click here.

[Review copy provided by the author.]

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