I’ve read some interesting insights on change recently…

From Mary Waind’s Beech Croft Tales:

The changes in nature can be easier to cope with than new challenges we face in other realms. Joyce Meyer said this week that Satan continually tries to diminish followers of Christ. The word “diminish” impressed me. The Oxford Canadian Dictionary gives the definition “make smaller or less”. The enemy would delight to see us take our first steps toward a fresh project with apprehension and feelings of inadequacy. He would love for us to think the task is too great.

From Chad Lucas’ The Lucas Adventures:

My general view of life, and parenting, is that things are always changing, and very few things last forever. Kids are always going through new phases. Jobs, relationships, and responsibilities in life move in rhythms and waves.

I know there are people who have a hard time with change and probably find that idea difficult, but for me it’s a hopeful thing. When life gets crazy, I remember that it won’t always be this way.

Robin Mark‘s song, “All is Well,” is a good approach to change.

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