God bless us each with a fresh year where we grow in awareness of His presence and in trust of His care.

To simplify my life a little, I’ll be dropping to two posts a week here:

Mondays will offer reviews, author interviews, web finds and all the things that used to come on Fridays. This will let me keep up with the reviews I want to do for speculative, sporadic… and slightly odd.

Thursdays will be devotional days now, instead of Wednesdays.

6 thoughts on “Downsizing

  1. Russell Anderson

    Janet –

    Your email messages have been a blessing to me at the start of my day for the past year or more. I will truly miss receiving you on a daily basis – but wish you the very best with your downsizing and the results that will surely come forth.

    Many Blessings and Much Love to You,

    1. Janet Sketchley

      Gee, for an interview I think I’d need something to say… like, I don’t know, a book coming out that I could talk about… You always have good content on both your blogs, Ginny, and I think it’s just time and perseverance that brings the following. At least, that’s all we can invest. I only have a small following here, and really haven’t invested enough time visiting other blogs and hanging out in the blogosphere.


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