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  1. Stephanie Nickel
    November 27, 2011

    I used to be ruled by anger. I am so incredibly thankful that God delivered me years ago.

    However, sometimes the butterflies in my stomach are confirmation that I am about to do what God wants me to do.

    Nervousness is what some might call another “negative” emotion. I, however, think emotions are neutral. It’s what we do with them – or in the midst of them – that truly matters.

    Thanks for your honest, challenging words, my friend.


    • Janet Sketchley
      November 27, 2011

      Yup, what we do with them. Or what we believe they’re saying. I know what you mean about the butterflies meaning you’re stepping out to obey, and they feel different than the lead-winged ones of dread that would hold us back and convince us we’re failures. It’s something about attitude, maybe.

      And I can’t imagine you in the ruled-by-anger days. Praise God for making you who you are today! It’s amazing what He does.


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