Five for 5

Are you familiar with Five for 5? It’s part of World Vision’s Global Child Health Now campaign.

The premise is “Five years is not a child’s lifetime,” and the goal is to influence world leaders attending the G8 summit this June in Canada.

The site offers some disturbing global statistics:

8.8 million children younger than 5 died in 2008 from mostly preventable health issues such as pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition and complications at birth.

Another 500,000 moms died in pregnancy, and during or after childbirth.

And in North America, we complain about our health care. I can’t get my head around this, and I can’t imagine what we’ll offer in explanation when we’re facing the Lord.

Click either of the two links above to visit the site and learn how you can help.

2 thoughts on “Five for 5

  1. gladwellmusau


    Thank you for this one…because it is close to home for me. I have lost two nieces before they were five…so I know this reality on a personal level. Yes, I do hope people who have much and still complain should realised how blessed they are…even to have the kind of healthcare they enjoy.



    1. janetsketchley

      Gladwell, thank you for adding your voice of experience to this issue. It’s an experience nobody should have to have, and it’s still so common.

      Even though many of our world leaders don’t know God, I pray He will give them the wisdom, courage and integrity to make a difference–for these children God loves. And I pray for wisdom for each one of us who can give, for wisdom to know where and how to best do that. One thing each of us can do is pray–and then act on what He says.


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