Friday Funnies

One of the blogs that often sets me chuckling is The Lucas Adventures. It’s hard to write funny, but Chad Lucas does it well. A couple of my favourite posts: “Word to the Absurd,” saluting those crazy things parents find themselves saying to their kids, and “A Father’s Guide to Routine Child Maintenance, Vol. 1 – Diaper Duty“.

Duane Scott hosts “Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays“. The link takes you to volume 7, my favourite. Things to do with orange traffic cones. Need I say more?

Stephan Pastis’ blog is sometimes rude but often funny. The man is brilliant. I get his Pearls Before Swine strip in my in-box each morning, and this one cracked me up: [Click to view the Pearls Before Swine strip.]

2 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

    1. janetsketchley

      Hey, Duane, I thought you were taking a break from blogging! I hope to join in the Thursday blog carnival as soon as I get some of my pleasantly disturbed thoughts together.


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