God is Near

Everybody does stupid things. This spring one of my sons took his turn at it, and in early June he had a meeting to sort out the consequences. My husband and I went with him for moral support.

It meant an early start and a two-hour road trip. I knew people were praying, and I was too. Before we left, I wanted at least a few still moments with the Lord. It had been a busy week. I felt stretched, but not quite to the point of breaking, and at peace with God in the midst of all the activity and the uncertainty of what this day would bring.

With only minutes to spare before heading out the door, I squeezed in a short prayer time and then opened my Bible. The psalm of the day was Psalm 139. To me, that’s this son’s psalm.

His psalm, right before his big meeting. A reminder of God’s presence.

Even though I hadn’t been consciously tense, I felt myself relax in His care, His nearness. His provision.

I believe God is always with me—Jesus promised it—so why is it so hard to really live that way? Why do I still need reminders? Shouldn’t I be able to simply stop, breathe, and know He’s here?

For now I still need reminders, and I’m thankful for this one.

5 thoughts on “God is Near

  1. jancoxabetterway

    Last night at our Bible study we discussed how we need to exercise our faith on a daily basis. It is not something that comes naturally. It is work.

    So what you did in reading the Scripture, and confirming His promises is work and that is why you felt the peace.

    What do you think?

    1. janetsketchley

      Hmmm. We do need to exercise our faith on a daily basis, because like muscles, it can atrophy. I guess choosing to sit and read, especially when there really wasn’t time, was the work. Him confirming the promise was the gift or benefit. It’s like forming a spiritually healthy habit. We make time with Him a priority and there is a result. We need to do the same with our physical fitness (speaking to myself loudly, here) if we want to grow in strength. I think it’s about being intentional, and I’ve had a lot of trouble remembering to stay focused. Back to the scattered thoughts problem…


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