How Many Canadian Christian Authors Can You Name?

There are more Canadian authors who are Christian than we know. Lots of times it’s because if we see their books in the stores, especially published by an American company, we assume they’re US authors. I always feel a bit of family-type pride when I see a Christian making it in the world of publishing, and if they’re Canadian it’s that much stronger.

Let me say clearly that I’m not claiming Canadians are better, nor am I saying my favourite authors are all Canadian. Neither statement would be true. But today I want to do a bit of flag-waving.

Of all the Canadian Christians who write, in book-length, short, poetic or lyrical form, many belong to The Word Guild and/or InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship. A good number belong to American Christian Fiction Writers as well or instead.

If you’re in the vicinity of Toronto (Scarborough), Ontario, on Friday 20 November from 7-9pm, you’ll find a gathering of more than 30 Canadian Christian authors at Faith Family Books and Gifts’ Christian Writers’ Expo. For directions, click here.

Wherever you are, if you’re interested in discovering more about Canadian Christian authors, a good place to start is The Word Guild’s annual Readers’ Guide.

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