Violet’s post on Tuesday at Other Food: daily devo’s ended with an idea I’m still thinking about:

Spend some time today, thinking about and thanking God for the people who helped birth you into God’s forever family. (You can read the whole devotional, “The begets,” here.)

I was blessed with a grandmother who prayed for us daily, and I’m also thanking God today for formative touches through two Sunday School teachers and a musician who doesn’t know I exist. When I get thinking about it further, the list gets too long to enumerate.

Who are some of the people who’ve influenced you for the Kingdom? People God shone through to draw you to Himself, or to help you grow?

Father, thank You for each person who allowed Your Spirit to shine into my life through their obedience, whether they knew it or not. Bless them today, with heaped-up, running-over blessings in their spirits.

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