Interview and Giveaway: A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

Thank you to the friendly folks at The Barn Door Book Loft for hosting me this weekend for an interview. Just click the link to read the interview.

For a chance to win a copy of A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider, go to the interview post and/or the post featuring the book, and leave a comment on that post. See contest rules on the site–you have to check back there (or subscribe) to know if you’re the winner.

3 thoughts on “Interview and Giveaway: A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

  1. free2soar

    Hello, my friend…I wrote a comment and then signed into Will the comment appear after approval by the Barn Door Book Loft administrator?

    Loved the interview, btw.


    1. janetsketchley

      Stephanie, did it say it was waiting for moderation? I think you might want to try again otherwise. When I left a comment, it posted right away. Now, I’d logged into my Blogger account first. Maybe that fast-tracked it. If Blogger and WordPress IDs aren’t playing well today, you can always comment as “anonymous” and include your name in the comment. Don’t have to leave an email address, because you check back later to see who won.

      Have a soaring day!


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