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A while ago I entered my unpublished novel, Praying for the Enemy, in Risen Books’ fiction contest, and the manuscript earned third place! [EDIT Sept. 2013: This story, re-titled Heaven’s Prey, releases from Choose NOW Publishing November 2013… visit my Heaven’s Prey page for more information.] That means I’m watching my mailbox for the two Risen titles (my choice) that are on their way. One of Risen Books’ authors, Yvonne Anderson, interviewed me this week on her blog, Y’s Words.

You may remember Yvonne from my review of her novel, The Story in the Stars.

Also… drum roll please… I’m pleased to introduce my new blog, speculative, sporadic… and slightly odd. [EDIT Sept. 2013: I’m phasing out this blog. For now, you’ll still find a few reviews there that I haven’t moved here yet.] The name may say it all. I’ve reviewed the occasional speculative fiction/science fiction/fantasy novel here, always with a sense that it didn’t mesh with my main reader audience. So if you like those reviews, hop over to the new blog and subscribe. I won’t just be posting reviews, though. It’ll be my place for indulging my “slightly odd” side.

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Interview and New Blog

  1. free2soar

    Your slightly odd side is much like my own, Janet. I enjoy your new blog…as well as this site, of course.



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