Keeping Focused

As Margaret from the Hallelujah blog pointed out in last week’s “Friday conversation,” there’s plenty of commercialization and other pressures that threaten to distract us from the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus’ birth.

What do you do to intentionally keep focused on Christ in the days leading up to Christmas?

For me, faith-centred Christmas music helps.

6 thoughts on “Keeping Focused

  1. Margaret


    It is so important to stay focused on Christ our Savior because everything in the stores these days are focused on Santa and Frosty….. Some of what we do is to keep our Christmas decorating Christ-centered….. Whether inside or outside, all our decorations point to Christ in some way….. Our tree is decorated with lights, stars, hearts, crosses, angels, etc….. A nativity scene is a focus of attention….. And, presents are not expensive or an attempt to out do one another.

    We use background music at home that centers on the Christmas story keeps one focused on the real purpose of celebrating….. Much of the background music in stores has nothing to do with Christ’s birth and actually feels like a real downer….. It seems like many Christians are noticing this and struggling with it.


  2. joannamallory

    The symbols we use in our decorations can be powerful reminders, can’t they?

    And I agree with you about the mall music, although here in my part of Canada I’ve been surprised this year to actually hear some Christ-centred songs with lyrics in the stores. In our age where it’s sort of frowned on to play the Christmas message in public, I always get a good grin when I hear it. Must be my subversive streak…

  3. Ginny Jaques

    Music is a big thing. I have to confess I like going to the mall and shopping right at the beginning of the season. The bustle excites me. And I love when I hear Christ-centered music in the malls. It’s like God is taking praise from the stones.

    I also spend time over the manger scenes in our home with the grandchildren, talking and touching.

  4. Ginny Jaques

    It’s funny. I posted my comment before I noticed and read the other posts. Mall music seems to be a theme. I really have heard some profoundly Christian music this year, in Canada. You’d expect it more in the States, I think.


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