MindFlights, Issue 1, 2008

Writing is a great job — ­you can stay in your pajamas all day and play with your imaginary friends. When science fiction author Robert J. Hawke (Bobby) takes his laptop to the local Starbucks, he’s not prepared to meet an impossibly familiar man who claims to be his novel’s hero, Jett Travers.

How could Travers know about Bobby, let alone step out of a manuscript draft to ask for help? And what trouble could he be in without Bobby’s knowledge? When Travers reveals that a minor character is hijacking the plot, Bobby is sorely tempted to let her finish the novel with a bang.

My short story, “Quite the Character,” is included in MindFlights‘ first print issue for 2008. MindFlights publishes family-friendly science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction. Issue 1 includes five short stories and three poems, wrapped in an intriguing cover.

Want to read about aliens, space travel, universes, creatures, legends, experiments gone awry, and writers: both android and human? Here’s your chance, available exclusively through Lulu.com: click here.

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