Review: No Way Up, by Mary Connealy

No Way Up, by Mary Connealy, The Cimarron Legacy book 1

No Way Up, by Mary Connealy (Bethany House, 2016)

A year under the same roof?

Their father’s near-fatal injury in a rock slide (and the terms of his will, which he insists they obey immediately) require Sadie Boden and her brothers Justin and Cole to live together on the family ranch for the next year. It’s inconvenient for Cole, who prefers to run the family’s mining interests from town. And it costs Sadie her role of working in the town’s orphanage.

The avalanche may have been deliberate—which means the siblings may be in danger. Who could be after the ranch? And are they connected with past trouble?

No Way Up is a western mystery set in 1880 New Mexico Territory. It’s also a romance, as ranch employee Heath Kincaid proves his worth to the Boden family siblings.

I enjoyed the banter between the characters, as well as the setting. The title No Way Up refers to Skull Mesa, part of the ranch property that’s believed to be un-climbable and yet from where someone seems to be keeping watch. Heath, loving a challenge, is determined to reach the top. Never one to stay behind, Sadie insists she accompany him.

Favourite lines:

Heath’s voice deepened until Sadie felt it rubbing like gentle sandpaper against her heart. [page 28]

Right now he saw the strongest resemblance between the three he’d ever noticed. First time he’d ever realized that stubborn could be a look. [Heath observing the Boden siblings, page 130]

This is the start of the Cimarron Legacy series, and I suspect that through Heath it’s linked to the author’s Kincaid Brides series. The prequel novella, The Boden Birthright, is available as a free ebook. Click here:

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[Review copy from my personal library.]

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