Places of Renewal

I’ll be in the middle of the Write! Canada conference when these words are posted (well, okay, I’ll be sleeping—I set the post time early in the morning).

There may or may not be time for me to check on the blog and reply to any comments. Some of the people who might ordinarily comment will be at the conference too, and what a treat it will be to spend time with them.

I love this conference. It’s a great opportunity for developing my abilities as a writer, and for making professional connections. That is, after all, what it’s about and why I invest the time and money to attend.

Want to know what I love even more about it? The sense of homecoming, to people familiar and unknown who somehow “get” me. We’re each unique, but they get not only my faith but my writerly quirks. And I get theirs.

We belong, and to me that’s a rare feeling.

My favourite memories of Write! Canada’s past are of impromptu moments: sometimes professional, sometimes personal. God moments.

Where do you go for renewal?

2 thoughts on “Places of Renewal

  1. Stephanie

    The conference this year will forever be synonymous with “blessing after blessing after blessing.” Thank you, dear friend, for being such a big part of making it so.


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