Praise Habit, by David Crowder

Praise Habit, by David CrowderPraise Habit, by David Crowder (2004, TH1NK Books, an imprint of NavPress)

Praise Habit is subtitled “Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi”. I picked up this book knowing I needed to recognize and praise God more frequently in my day. David Crowder adds a deeper meaning to the title by linking to nuns’ habits and suggesting the possibility of praise as our garment, of our lives becoming living praise. He calls us to a life larger and more free than the one we usually settle for.

The first part of the book explores the nature of praising God, and then provides a sampling of Psalms from The Message version with the author’s own devotional thoughts. He shares enough instruction to equip readers to encounter God in Scripture on their own.

This is not your stereotypical, formal book about faith and the Christian life. I love the freshness of his language, the new-to-me illustrations he uses – and the humour. This man is brilliantly funny, in an off-beat way. Want proof? Read the copyright page. Read it all, and tell me if you don’t at least giggle. [Find it in the Amazon preview here.]

David Crowder’s reflections on the Psalms often start with an anecdote, and some of those had me laughing out loud. Then he transitions to practical and insightful application of the passage at hand.

What this book gave me was new language and a sense of renewed wonder for the salvation experience: “live the rescue.” I’ll return to it for that, and also for the laughter.

I hope David Crowder continues his music ministry for years to come. I also hope he writes another book soon. It’s long overdue.

If truth brings freedom

And laughter is the best medicine

Then Praise Habit is a tonic worth tasting.

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