Prelude to Danger Free on NoiseTrade

Here’s a new option for acquiring your free download of my Redemption’s Edge bonus features ebook. This will be especially helpful for my non-US Kindle-reading friends, since outside the US Amazon lists the price at the equivalent of $0.99.

I’m excited about offering a book through NoiseTrade (which has expanded from music to include ebooks and audiobooks too). Take a few minutes and browse the other options for reading and listening. The way the site works, material is offered for free, with the option of leaving a tip for the author/artist. You might think of it as “pay what you can.” In the case of this book, Prelude to Danger, please don’t leave a tip. It’s really short, and that’s why I want it to be free. But by all means, leave a tip for the other artists if you’re downloading a full-length item.

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