This blog-scheduling thing is still in flux. I’m finding twice a week limiting, but I can’t commit to three times every week. The new schedule will be two or three times a week:

Monday: maybe a review, maybe no post.

Wednesday: devotional, every week.

Friday: maybe an interview, thoughts on a topic, or a gathering of helpful links I’ve found lately. Or maybe not.

speculative, sporadic... and slightly odd

I’ll also be posting at speculative, sporadic… and slightly odd on Thursdays: reviews, oddities, anything that catches my interest.

2 thoughts on “Re-sizing

  1. ginnyjaques

    LOL. I’m glad you’re wrestling with this. I pray you’ll find just the right balance. I’m also glad that you’re saying, “maybe, maybe not.” That gives you flexibility without guilt. I’m still struggling with my guilt for not posting more often. Don’t know where that guilt comes from. I have to do what’s at hand first, and the time just gets squished. Oh well. My new years’ plans are a work in progress. I am making progress on some fronts.


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