Read an excerpt from Without Proof

Want to read an excerpt from Without Proof? Here’s the start of chapter one: 

The doorbell echoed from the main floor. Amy dropped the square of sandpaper onto the frame she’d been finishing and flexed her aching fingers.

Overhead, light footsteps headed for the door. Michael’s aunt could sign for the delivery, but Amy wanted to check the boxes. She rolled her shoulders to work out a kink, then slid from the stool and brushed a layer of dust from her clothing.

Aunt Bay’s voice met her at the top of the basement stairs. “She may not want to talk to you.”

Not the printer order after all. She, as in me? Amy took a few silent steps but stopped out of sight.

Want to read more? Here’s the link to the rest of the Without Proof excerpt (it’s too long to post here).

Without Proof [Redemption's Edge 3][ Want the full story? Buy links are on the Without Proof page, and there’s a pre-order sale price for the ebook versions until Nov. 10.]

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