Review: InScribed, an anthology of Canadian Christian writing

InScribed, an anthology from InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship (Forever Books, 2010)

To celebrate 30 years of encouraging and inspiring Canadian writers, InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship has released the anthology, InScribed. The 40+ contributors are current or former members, ranging from career journalists and published novelists to the newly-published, and geographically spanning the country from west to east coasts. The anthology comes recommended by well-known writers Phil Callaway, Linda Hall and Sigmumd Brouwer.

InScribed has a good mix of personal experience, teaching/inspirational, poetry and fiction. There’s happy, sad and thoughtful, with a touch of the whimsical for good measure. Most of the articles are very well-written. A few needed further editing, but the passion and promise is enough that they’re still worth reading.

I’ve been a member of InScribe since the days when it was known as Alberta Christian Writers’ Fellowship—Canada-Wide, and the online connection it provided with my writing friends was a great encouragement in my early writing days.

InScribed gave me the chance to read work from old friends (even some I’d lost touch with) and new friends. But its appeal isn’t limited to InScribe members, nor to writers in general. Anyone who appreciates short work from Canadian Christians will find plenty of good reading in this slender book.

Until an online store is set up, copies may be ordered by email. Within Canada the cost is $15.00 CAD plus $2.89 shipping per book. Orders outside of Canada will require more postage.

[Book source: my personal library. And no, I’m not one of the contributors although I’m a member of InScribe.]

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