Review: Intervention, by Terri Blackstock

Intervention, by Terri Blackstock (Zondervan, 2009)

Single mother Barbara Covington has tried everything to get her teen daughter Emily off drugs. Now she’s sunk a fortune into a last-chance effort with a professional interventionist. But when the interventionist is murdered, Emily disappears—and becomes the prime suspect.

Barbara and her 14-year-old son Lance believe Emily is innocent. Not trusting detective Kent Harlan to have Emily’s best interests at heart, Barbara chases down half-seen clues, putting her own life in danger and potentially compromising the investigation.

Now Kent has to divide his attention between finding the missing girl and keeping her mother safe.

Bestselling author Terri Blackstock always delivers a page-turning read. Intervention begins as a straightforward missing-person mystery. When readers finally meet the antagonist, he’s a different kind of villain: real and dangerous, but not a creepy psycho. The suspense is strong, and the story satisfies. It also gives readers a better understanding and compassion for addicts and their families.

Published in 2009, Intervention is the first in a series of addiction-related suspense novels. The sequel, Vicious Cycle, is available now.

There’s an interesting interview with Terri Blackstock that opens with the video trailer for Intervention and shares the personal story that prompted the novel. It’s about ten minutes long. If you don’t have time for that right now, here’s the video trailer to Intervention. Or click here to read a sample of Intervention.

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