Review: Mud in Your Eye, by Gord Penner

Mud in Your Eye, by Gord Penner (Word Alive Press, 2009)

The subtitle of Mud in Your Eye explains its meaning: “he spat on the ground and made mud with the saliva. Then he anointed the man’s eyes with the mud.”

The book’s back cover warns, “If you don’t see yourself the way God sees you, then you will more than likely see yourself the way you think others see you.” Hmm, there’s a whole lot of truth to that.

In talking about Jesus’ encounter with the blind man and the mud (John 9:1-41), Gord Penner asks, “Are you willing to have mud smeared on your eyes? Do you trust Jesus enough – do you want to see badly enough – that you’re willing to let Jesus have his way in your life, no matter how it looks?” (page 5)

Each chapter of Mud in Your Eye is 3-4 pages long, good for a quiet, reflective pause in your day. What I appreciate most about them is the focus on Scripture and on how it applies to our lives – and the challenge to truly believe it. The word of God has power, and we need to hear – and sometimes speak – what it says.

Canadian author Gord Penner is also a motivational speaker and life coach. His name was new to me, but I’m glad I found his book.

Book source: my personal library

2 thoughts on “Review: Mud in Your Eye, by Gord Penner

  1. Heather Marsten

    Thank you for this book title, it looks good. I am in the middle of reading Beth Moore’s: So Long Insecurity
    There is a lot of truth about seeing yourself in Jesus’ eyes rather than trying to figure out what the world sees.

    1. janetsketchley

      Heather, I’ve been seeing Beth Moore’s new book mentioned in various places, and from what you say I think I’ll add it to my list. Thanks for the input!


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