Review: Then, There’s Love, by Rena Manse

cover art: Then, There's LoveThen, There’s Love, by Rena Manse (Kindle Edition, 2013)

Ashley McKenny is a twenty-something single woman with a strong sense of family. Her father’s out of work and her mother just received an “invitation to resign” from her CEO position. How can Ashley support the three of them on a nurse’s salary?

The chance to go home with one of her patients as a private nurse looks like a good short-term solution, and Ashley leaves Toronto for upscale New York. Her patient, Val, is a charming elderly woman, and Val’s home in the Hamptons is like a fairy tale. Less idyllic (but dangerously attractive) is Val’s grandson, Aaron, who lives with her when he’s not away on business.

To further complicate matters, Aaron is the corporate executive who came to Toronto to fire her mother. Had Ashley known, she’d never have taken this job. Aaron is desperate to save his international business (the company is called Revealing), and he’ll do whatever it takes. The one thing they do agree on is concern for Val’s recovery.

Then, There’s Love is an interracial Christian romance with strong characters and edgy romantic content. Nothing is inappropriate, although some bits are more sensual and descriptive than I’m comfortable with. One thing I really appreciate is Ashley’s commitment to keep her virginity until she’s married. That’s not unusual in Christian fiction, but this novel has more sexual tension between lead characters and it tests Ashley’s resolve. Her example in staying strong can encourage single (or single again) women whatever their past history.

Ashley has high ideals about love, while Aaron has written it off. He’s also walked away from God, and despite what she’s starting to feel for him, she can’t commit her heart to a man who doesn’t share her faith. Yet they understand one another on deeper levels than their friends can see. The two of them stayed in my imagination after the story ended.

Then, There’s Love is Canadian author Rena Manse’s debut novel, available for Kindle from and

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  1. Mary Elizabeth Hall

    This sounds like a fascinating story, and I love the interracial component. If your readers enjoy clean, suspenseful Christian romance, they might want to check out my new release called Amberly (2012 – Westbow / Thomas Nelson) – a gripping new release receiving great reader reviews.


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