A Song for Good Friday

Here we are again in the Christian calendar, in the middle of the Holy Week observances. It would be easier to gloss over the pain Jesus bore to buy our salvation, but we need to know the cost of this gift. It was a price we could never pay, for a rescue we could never earn.

Of the many songs that celebrate Jesus’ willing sacrifice and victory, here’s the one I’ve chosen to share this year: “Too Small a Price,” by Don Francisco. Don’t be alarmed by the 16+ minutes it shows in the YouTube pane. This is a clip from a live event, and after “Too Small a Price,” they sing “Here I Am to Worship.” If you have the time to listen to the end, Don Francisco shares a few words. I wish they hadn’t cut the recording there. You’ll need about 10 minutes to hear the full effect of “Too Small a Price.” Don’t tune out when the Cross part ends, or you’ll miss the wonder of the song.


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