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Which one would you choose?





Without Proof is one of 5 novels in this round of Clash of the Titles. It takes 2 minutes to read the brief descriptions and view the covers, then vote for which one you’d most like to read.

Please pop over and vote… for whichever book catches your eye. [Note, if the voting box isn’t big enough, click inside it and use your down arrow key to navigate through the options. I’m told the box may not show up at all on mobile devices.] Vote here: clashofthetitles.com/2015/12/merry-reading-stocking-stuffer

Heaven’s Prey at Clash of the Titles

Clash of the Titles Champion

Five novels, one winner, as chosen by readers. I’m excited to announce that Heaven’s Prey is December 2013’s champion at Clash of the Titles (for November releases).

Check out the other titles (in the link above) — they all look like good reads. I’ll be reviewing one of them here soon.