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A Circus in Space?

A girl in hiding. A boy on the run.
The fate of the galaxy between them.

And only 4 days left for you to get in on the early action!

After March 31, 2023, you’ll have to wait for the standard book release instead of getting the early release and potentially some very cool swag (depending on the level you choose). Read on…

Remember the cover reveal I shared earlier this month? Suspended in the Stars is book 1 in what author E. A. Hendryx describes as “a fast-paced and swoony YA science fantasy trilogy about a circus in space.”

I’m in! Even if that sounds too “out there” for you, do check out the book’s Kickstarter page. Have you ever seen sprayed books? Or books with handpainted edges? The art is beautiful.

Click for Kickstarter details

If you’re not familiar with crowdfunding like this: there are various tiers of sponsorship. The lower ones will get you early access to the ebook, while the higher ones will get you more. This project originates in the US and most options requiring shipping are US-only, but there are some fun digital benefits as well for the rest of us.

This Kickstarter runs from March 10th-31st and met its initial funding goal in less than 24 hours. That’s amazing, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still join in. Emilie has built in a number of additional stretch goals which unlock further treats for supporters. Crowdfunding will enable Emilie to put out her book as an early release ebook, paperback, audiobook, and Kickstarter limited edition hardcover (with bonus content) all with fun swag *before* the book releases at the end of the year. See the Kickstarter page for more details!

Suspended in the Stars is the first book in the Xerus Galaxy Saga. It is the story of a girl in hiding who teams up with a rogue soldier to save a galaxy ruled by a corrupt governing council. It’s “The Greatest Showman” meets “Star Wars” and is a soft sci-fi with fantasy elements and no spice sizzling romance. 

About the book:

In the Xerus Galaxy, Soaring Staress Talie Zarna is hiding her true identity on the circus spaceship Midway. When she’s forced to shelter rogue soldier, Renner Cartha, it’s easy to see he has secrets of his own. Secrets like evidence of a political assassination he must deliver to the high council. But his former captain, Jas Uli-Tai, is intent on putting an end to him. 

With Jas closing in at every turn, Renner faces the decision to abandon his mission—and Talie—or risk widespread fallout from his failure, but the weight of the galaxy rests on Talie’s shoulders. Is she willing to sacrifice everything—even if that means giving up the boy she loves? 

Here’s the Kickstarter link one more time, to save you scrolling up. It costs you nothing to look, and you (or a science fiction / fantasy lover in your life) may find a new favourite book!

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