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My Favourite Genre

Stack of books and e-reader

This was my summer-reading stack a few years ago… some are still waiting…

Back to the biweekly writers’ blog hop again… this week we’re chatting about our favourite genres.

I love writing Christian suspense. Good thing, with two more books planned for the Redemption’s Edge series! I’ve dabbled in speculative fiction too, and that’s another genre I want to pursue. Still have those three characters sitting in a corner of my brain waiting for a science fiction plot.

But I thought Ruth L. Snyder‘s question for this week was about our favourite genre to read. I’m not quite as eclectically-interested as Steph Beth Nickel, but one look at my review list will confirm I’m pretty scattered. That’s a good thing for writers, because it keeps us learning.

Favourite genre: action/adventure, clean and fun. Best from a Christian worldview, whether it mentions God or not. It may show up in suspense, speculative, or historical. Any genre. If it makes me laugh too, that’s a bonus.

Feel free to leave me some reading suggestions in the comments, and share your own favourites.

And stop back tomorrow: there’ll be a special Saturday post with more birthday-month news.

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