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Review: Reimagine Your Retirement, by Joyce Li

Reimagine Your Retirement, by Joyce Y. Li (Word Alive Press, 2013)Reimagine Your Retirement, by Joyce Li

Reimagine Your Retirement is a practical and informative book designed for workers looking ahead to their retirement years and for those who have already retired from the workforce. Author Joyce Li is also a motivational speaker and trained counsellor. She calls the retirement years our “better half of life” and invites us to “Strategically approach each year of your retirement with purpose and intention.”

I appreciated reading a resource that offers both a Canadian and a Christian perspective. Non-Canadians will need to research the specifics of their own retirement financial planning details. This information should be easily available from one’s employer or local government office to augment the material in this book. Whatever your nationality, I think you’ll find a wealth of strategic planning help in Reimagine Your Retirement.

Reimagine Your Retirement challenges readers to consider our future contributions to our world.  There’s no biblical basis for stopping serving God because of age, and Joyce Li challenges us to show God’s glory to the next generation.

As people live longer, they enter the retirement years with plenty of strength and vitality remaining to be enjoyed. We may have spent our careers working to pay the bills but not necessarily in a way that fulfills our passions. Retirement offers a time to retrain or realign ourselves to work in line with our dreams or callings and with the legacy we want to leave in the lives of those around us.

The book explores the aging process, debunking a few myths and offering strategies to assist in aging gracefully. Topics include the standard strategic planning for the future, realities of retirement, and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Inspiring and encouraging quotes and brief case studies make the chapters easy to process.

The section titles provide an overview of the content: Recognize the Many Possibilities, Living Your Best, Discovering Yourself, Vision and Calling, and Putting Legs to Your Plan. The book includes a step-by-step guide to aid individuals or groups in detailed planning, motivation, defining a life mission statement and developing a measurable action plan.

Joyce Li has written a practical and understandable resource to help readers plan ahead to maximize the benefit of our retirement years. It’s relevant to me now in the pre-retirement years, and I can see how I’ll benefit if I work through it again as I move through the aging process.

To learn more about the author or to read a preview of Reimagine Your Retirement, visit her website, Fullness of Life. You’ll also find practical information on Joyce Li’s blog.

[Review copy provided by the author.]