Review: The Enoch Effect, by Rick Acker

The Enoch Effect, by Rick Acker

The Enoch Effect, by Rick Acker (Waterfall Press, 2017)

A research scientist is dead, his lab destroyed by fire. Two lawyers on opposing sides of a multi-million-dollar insurance claim must work together to find the truth of what really happened—with the help of a computer genius hacker and a private detective.

Because of the nature of Dr. Rhodes’ research, what starts as a legal thriller quickly moves into biomedical or science fiction territory, with a side-dish of action-adventure and a splash of romance.

The Enoch Effect is fast-paced, clean, and thought-provoking as the characters begin to wrestle with the ethics of what they discover about the scientist’s work. (I can’t elaborate without spoilers.) In the wrestling we see they’re realistic people no more likely to have easy answers than we readers do.

I’ve read a few of Rick Acker’s novels now and have another one in my to-read stash. As well as enjoying the stories, I appreciate his notes at the end separating the fiction from the facts and offering more information for the curious.

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