Therefore We KNOW

The Lord’s promises are pure,
like silver refined in a furnace,
purified seven times over.
Therefore, Lord, we know you will protect the oppressed,
preserving them forever from this lying generation,
Psalm 12:6-7, NLT*

The Lord’s promises are pure… Therefore, Lord, we know you will…

The context in these verses comes from verse 5, where God says He has seen and heard the suffering of the poor and helpless and He will rescue them. And so, verse 7 says that’s what the people know He will do.

But the same logic holds for us today: Because God’s promises are pure, we know He will keep them. (Tweet this)

Whatever they are.

That doesn’t mean we can pick something out of the Bible and expect God to fulfil it our way and on our timetable. There are plenty of promises we can claim in confidence, though.

  • Jesus will be with us always. (Matthew 28:20)
  • If we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive them and to cleanse us. (1 John 1:9)
  • He has begun a good work in us and He will finish the job. (Philippians 1:6)

He may have spoken a personal promise to you. If so, He will keep it in His way and His time.

The Lord’s promises are pure… Therefore, Lord, we know you will…

Doesn’t that encourage you? When doubts come, when we’re tired and worn, we can stand on what we know: that God will keep His word.

Mighty God, Your promises are pure and true and thoroughly tested. There is no doubt, no defect or weakness in them. Help us therefore to believe and to declare that we know You will keep them. Remind us of the ones we need to rely on at any given moment. Thank You that Your promises are guaranteed by Your character, which cannot change. Let us rest in that fact.

Matt Redman‘s song “Never Once” reminds us that God is faithful.

*New Living Translation (NLT) Holy Bible. New Living Translation copyright © 1996, 2004, 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.


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